Canzone Yoga FAQs

What Do We Teach?

CONSCIOUSNESS (Awareness) — Consciousness is the first principle governing both Yoga and life. Without consciousness, there would be no Yoga and we have no potential growth.

Why Do We Seek Alignment?

We seek alignment because it allows for movement with the least amount of effort or tension, keeps the joints and tissues healthy and safe, and contributes to letting the energy flow freely through the body.

Do I Have to Chant in Class?

No one has to chant at any time. But it’s a great way to join together with others and create a sense of unity in the room. It’s our fundamentally common language–every human makes the sound of OM quite naturally. OM vibrates the entire spine, bottom to top, lengthens the exhalation, harmonizes the group, and is considered a deeply beneficial, non-denominational sound in Yoga.

Can I Eat Before Class?

It is best to refrain from eating for a couple of hours before class. A light meal or a little fruit at that time is OK. It’s a good idea to hydrate well about half an hour before class as well as after. Pure water or coconut water is ideal.

Can I Drink During Class?

Water bottles may be taken into the studio. Please feel free to drink water as needed.

What Should I Wear?

Close fitting clothes are best—tanks, t-shirts, shorts and leggings/pants. Best to avoid baggy clothes, long pants especially if the bottom reaches under the feet and hoodies. Both you and your teacher will want to be able to observe your practice and placement.

Do I Need to Bring a Mat to the Studio?

Yes. The studio provides mats at no extra charge. However, if you are taking classes that make you perspire, you will need to bring a mat or towel with you to cover the studio mat.

Should I Come to Class if I Have a Cold?

If you have a runny nose a or cough, it’s best to stay at home.

What Do I Do if I’m Late?

It depends on how late. On the whole, it’s best to arrive a good fifteen minutes before the start of class so that you can register (or fill out a waiver your first time), change if necessary and set up quietly. If you arrive just when the opening dedication is about to take place, either wait outside the studio or sit down where you are until it’s over. If you arrive more than five minutes late, it will be up to the teacher’s discretion if you can still join in.

What Do I Do at The End of Class?

All classes end in silence and props are put away in silence. This allows everyone to recover peacefully from Savasana and to transition to daily life through a gentle period of activity. This canzone yoga tradition allows you and everyone else in the room a chance to practice meditation in motion.

Any questions not answered? Please contact us at anytime!