Group Yoga Classes

Please note that due to Covid-19, all in-person yoga classes are suspended until further notice. Please visit our Online Class Page for our Virtual Yoga Class descriptions and schedules.

Hatha Foundation

Set a strong foundation of your practice and cultivate an experiential understanding of common yoga postures. Through long, static holds, you’ll have time to move deeper into your postures and develop a solid foundation for a safe and empowering hatha yoga practice. This all-levels class is perfect for beginners looking to understand the structure of postures, while more advanced practitioners can work on strength, precision, and alignment. ALL-LEVELS

Vinyasa Flow

Learn to coordinate your movement with breath by flowing seamlessly from one pose to the next. In the vinyasa class style, each movement is synchronized to a breath to form a continuous flow of poses. Although this class style may move at a quicker pace, beginner students will be provided with modifications to support their practice. ALL-LEVELS

Deep Stillness Yin Yoga

Find deep relaxation as you mindfully stretch your body. Inspired by Taoist philosophy, yin yoga is a deep, meditative practice in which seated postures are passively held for two-five minutes. These longer holds help to target the connective tissue of the body (ligaments, tendons, and fascia – the cling-film-like ‘tissue’ which holds our muscles together) and support opening in the hips and spine. Mindfulness practices encourage your complete surrender in each pose. Crystal singing bowls will occasionally be used to enhance relaxation and the energetic healing benefits of this practice. ALL-LEVELS

Yin & Yang

Get the best of both worlds! In this blended practice, you’ll combine an active and dynamic practice (yang) with slow, deep stretching (yin). The combination of yin/yang yoga will both refresh your vitality and soothe your nervous system. ALL-LEVELS

Balancing & Relaxing

This class can act as a supportive partner to therapies that are available to manage chronic stress and anxiety. Yoga can re energize the body's natural relaxation response, moving us toward homeostasis. You can easily feel more relaxed, energized, grounded and centered. ALL LEVELS

Healing Vinyasa

Wake up to a new day with a delicious Vinyasa flow yoga class! You’ll combine breath with movement and prostration to flow gracefully from one pose to the next in the morning. Heal your body and mind while greeting the sun and the opportunities of a new day! ALL LEVELS

Gentle Yoga for Better Sleep

Creating a cozy sleep environment and establishing a bedtime routine are the first steps to getting a good night's sleep. This evening practice help people to self-regulate and relax for transformation. Through breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and practicing traditional yoga poses, people will learn tools to help manage their anxiety and let it go while supporting their well being and emotional health. This is a total relaxation - repose, restore and revitalize for better and faster sleep. ALL LEVELS

Yoga for Hips & Hamstrings

Suffer from tight hips and hamstrings? Do you sit, drive, run or bike? This class is the perfect antidote! This class will target those tight muscles while lifting your mind and spirit. ALL LEVELS

Yoga for Head, Neck & Shoulders

Tight shoulders? We spend hours in front of our computers and phones, which frequently takes a toll on our neck and upper back. This healing yoga sequence is designed to ease head, neck and shoulder pain. Release tension and strengthen muscles to promote more functional movement patterns. ALL LEVELS

Slow Flow and Restorative

In turning the volume down, we are able to listen inward more clearly. Whether through the slow flow, or whether through the sandbag, bolsters, We are looking for a way to become more whole.

Slowly move your body through this mellow and warming sequence. Stretching and strengthening your body through this creative sequence with props will leave you feeling clear-headed and blissed out. ALL LEVELS

Hatha Flow

Stretch and strengthen at the perfect pace! Suitable for the beginner yogi as well as the advanced, this slow flow class allows you to choose your own level of intensity. Regain clarity and become energized for the rest of your day. ALL LEVELS

Core Flow

Strengthen your core while calming and relaxing your mind. You will be guided through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises that focus on building deep core muscles and improving your overall flexibility. ALL LEVELS