Nourish: Restorative & Slow Flow

Amidst the business of life, we need to learn how to pause and find moments for conscious relaxation. To make time to rest the body and the whole being—nourishing the adrenals, soothing the nervous system—allowing for restoring and re-balancing.


Over three weeks, we’ll drop into body, mind, spirit to find the spaces between effort and surrender. By making space to slow down and find stillness, we allow our system to release into its great integrative power.


Throughout the course, we’ll explore conscious relaxation and what it is to cultivate a deep, inner stillness. Through this stillness, we have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of what guides our actions.


We’ll explore:

  • Ways to replenish the nervous system

  • Practices to move out of the fight or flight cyclical response and learn to nourish adrenals

  • Slow and fluid sequences to cultivate sustainable power from the inside out

  • Restorative postures that can be woven into your practice and teachings

  • Meditation to refill mind, body, spirit

  • Ways to integrate introspective movement into personal practice and teaching

August 8th, 15th, 22th, 2020

Every Saturday 1:00 to 5:00 PM

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety and depression, which can be experienced independently of each other or at the same time, require subtly different approaches. The Canzone Yoga Anxiety and Depression workshops (CYAD) explore what categories of pose might help with each condition and what should be avoided, and how to use the breath and meditation. Anxiety may need to be met at its level of tension with vigorous work that will help drain the body of tension and allow for deep restorative work in the latter phase of class. But a student may also respond immediately to very deep restorative work first, followed by a mid-phase of stronger work and full relaxation at the end.
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